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As the first sensor customized services company in China, MCF team provide Wholly customized products and technical services according to customer requirement.MCF provide the most powerful support for you to hold the most advanced sensor technology and to expand your products.

Different from the traditional sensor companies, MCF technical team focused on the design of customized services. According to the technical requirements from user, and to meet the requirements of processing and manufacturing, MCF provide special sensors for many users. At the same time, in order to meet the requirements of different users, MCF do not have hard lines for the quantity of sensors, and no minimum quantity requirements.

MCF team is going with front sensor technology, such as SiC and Sapphire based high temperature optical fiber pressure sensor. MCf create a broader space for high thrust weight ratio engine, high specific impulse engine and aerocraft’s development.

MCF can Change your dream true!!

The eighty-eighth China Electronics exhibition

Held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from November 8, 2016 to 10. "



The world's largest semiconductor show, you have a chance to see our team at China Semicon in Shanghai on March 2017 14-16


The Fifth China electronic Expo

Mcfsens will participate in the CITE Fifth China electronic information Expo held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center in April 2017.


Variety of sensors, Variety applications in different fields, Variety future of science.

MCF offer low temperature, high temperature and high pressure sensors in many applications, such as medical, aviation, aerospace, wind power, high temperature oil wells, etc..

  • Wind power generator
  • Oil well and pipeline monitoring
  • medical technology
  • industrial process control
  • Aerospace
  • Distributed temperature sensing (DTS)
  • Intelligent structure
  • Power plant control
  • Emission monitoring
  • Engine monitoring
  • Fire prevention
  • Battery management

MCF customized products, the main products are as following:

According to different areas of the user's special requirements, MCF can product special products for customers. For more information, please contact the MCF technical team!


  • Silicon-glass pressure sensor
  • Silicon-Silicon pressure sensor
  • SiC-SiC pressure sensor
  • Temperature range: -50℃ -150℃;
  • Accuracy: less than 1%
  • Accept customed producting
  • Temperature range: -50℃ -500℃;
  • Accuracy: less than 1%
  • Accept customed producting
  • temperature range: -50℃ -650℃;
  • accuracy: less than 1%
  • accept custom processing


  • Temperature advantage
  • Optical fiber advantage
  • Customization advantage

Compared with the traditional electronic sensor in high temperature environment are large drift, low precision and short life, Mcfsens’s latest high temperature micro sensor with high temperature and high pressure, strong corrosion proof properties, Our sensor can be widely used in aerospace, medical and other fields and high temperature wells.

MCF silicon-carbide based pressure sensor and the design of the temperature reached 1100℃, the system demodulation frequency 20KHz.

For details, please contact the MCFsens technical team!

Based on the optical fiber Fabry-Perot (F-P type) cavity pressure sensor, and compared with traditional sensors, the advantages of MCF sensor are small size, light weight, safety, reliability, high sensitivity, resistance to harsh environment, anti electromagnetic interference, small temperature cross sensitivity features, more convenient network and can realize distributed and quasi-distributed measurement, wide application in medical, aerospace, high temperature wells, pressure monitoring and defense etc..

According to user's requirements, We will develop a high sensitivity sensor for the user's technical request.

For details, please contact the MCFsens technical team!

According to the requirements of university professional research institutions, Mcfsens can provide small quantities of customized R & D products . MCFsens also provide the front design sensor. At the same time, Mcfsens are sincerely invite users to participate in research work, and let users understand the technical details and parameters at beginning.

MCF can cooperate with the industry manufacturers to provide a large number of sensor products, and ensure that each batch of high standardized rate. Mcfsense can provide a high standard of products to ensure shor test /delivery period, and the most stable product quality.

MCF sensor company focus on combining production and our strong technical ability to build the first domestic sensor wholly customization team, dedicated to front technology sensor producting, convenient and efficient delivery, flexible order quantity!

For details, please contact the MCFsens technical team!


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MCFsens was founded in 2016, is the first company in China to focus on sensor customized services company. Our scientists and engineers have 30 years of working experience in Europe, they have worked in the world's leading research institutes and universities, and committed to the development of sensor front technology.

For providing convenient and efficient service to users, Mcfsens set office in Beijing, and Guangzhou in charge for the saling and technical support in China market.

MCFsens Europe is headquartered in Glasgow, UK, is responsible for the global business and technology support.

MCFsens set up offices in Beijing and Guangzhou in mainland China, which is in charge for China Market,included Hongkong and Taiwan.

For more details, please contact MCFsens china!

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